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We are finalizing CAD models of the Seed Eco-Home and are looking for draftspeople. See our designs at

We are looking for both paid workers and volunteers to draft details of the structure, electrical, and plumbing. It's primarily making changes and adding detail to the current design to obtain a complete model. Paid work is applicable to people who are looking for work as a draftsperson, and volunteer work is for people who are interested in contributing to an open source project. If you know other architecture draftspeople who do not work in FreeCAD, send them our way. We can export to STEP - so this offer is valid for any architecture draftsperson or volunteer who is not a FreeCAD user.

We are developing an affordable housing solution that is also a job training program - everything including design and enterprise aspects are open source. We have an ambitious goal is to solve housing by creating a collaborative product ecosystem of open design, open source machines, open source materials-production machines, and distributed enterprise created around housing. While the current version of the house is stick-built, we will be releasing a Compressed Earth Block version and other models, including ones with 3D printed wood composite plastic lumber. We are in it for the long haul - see my 4 minute [url=]TED Talk[/url] for what we are up to. If you are interested in work or volunteering, please email me at marcin at opensourceecology dot org.

Crew Leaders