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HintLightbulb.png Hint: As of Dec 2020, the Rosebud model is the one we are building and releasing as our first product candidate. Rosebud Model House build for 2022 at FeF - is under Rosebud 3 - [36]. Note working file - [37].

CAD for BOM Purposes + Lumber Cut Lists + Wall Aperture Details


Seed Home 2 Part Library - FreeCAD + SweetHome3D

CAD Detail Documents

Modules in SweetHome3d (Structural Design) and FreeCAD (Complete Model)

See parts of wall modules at Architecture Part Library.

Module Map - Exterior Wall modules - 1-23 are on the first floor - 24-47 are on the second, and the rest are 48-59 for first floor interior modules, and 60-69 are second floor interior modules.


Using SweetHome3D

These SweetHome3D files are extracted from the SweetHome3D technical design file for structure of Seed Eco-Home 2 - Seed Eco-Home 2 Technical Design of Structure in SweetHome3D

Important: SweetHome3D files end in zip. After download, don't extract - just change filename to remove the .zip at the end and the .sh3d file will be openable in SweetHome3D. These can be upgraded in FreeCAD, the Sweet Home is a start.


Note: Embedding of sh3d files doesn't work. There is an embedding capacity provided by SH3D online on their servers, but it can't be iframed into existing webpages.

Master Files

Select Details

Build Cheatsheets

Protocol: Note that only single objects can be used in dimensional drawings with the Drawing Dimensioning workbench. For complex assemblies, simply collapse into simple copies of compounds - or compound STEP exports (to turn them into simple solids). As such - take master files - take the necessary selection - and turn into one dumb object. Then you can get nice dimensions. Save the file with teh pages included - pages with dimensions show up in another tab, though.

8' Second Floor

Exterior Walls

First Floor Exterior

Second Floor Exterior

See also - Computer Generated 2nd Floor Exterior Wall Modules by Coderjeff Master files for both 8' and 9' walls with detailed parts - Coderjeff 2nd Floor Exterior.

First Floor Interior

HintLightbulb.png Hint: The first floor exterior walls sit on the sill so the interior walls start 1.5" lower. These panels have been designed to use 106.125" studs (1.5" longer than standard pre-cut studs) so they will be the same height as the exterior walls when they are in place. The utility channel spacers are also raised 1.5" to be at the same height as in the exterior walls

Second Floor Interior

Second Story Platform


Roof Assembly


See Seed Eco-Home 2 Carport

Plumbing Rough-In

Note: due to local variations - the actual CAD must reconcile against materials used ([38]) and the data collection from annotated PVC pictures at [39]. This is proper CAD-BOM-Reality reconciliation required for a full digital model.


Plumbing Final

See more at SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library - latest work from March 2022



See SEH 2 Electrical Design for files from May 2022.


  • 4x3 closet bend is recommended [40] - so get one at [41]

Catarina's Source Google Drive, Sweet Home 3D Files

  • Laundry module - [42]
  • Drive, OBI Models - [43]
    • CAD, Rosebud, Working Model as of 5/14/21 [44]
    • CAD, Supporting Rosebud Model Files - [45]
  • Building Book - [Technical designs are found in the Building Book - [46]
  • Shower drain kit - dimensions - [47]

Visual History:



Concept Modules

Part Library

Visual History:



Technical Modules

Stair Design

  1. Please download SweetHome3D to view this file -
  2. Determine the correct stair height, and then the landing is like in this concept model -
  3. Then do the staircase in FreeCAD, which I started here -



Also - See Stairs

Stairs example.png

House Build

Starting with foundation, to bathroom, walls.


Top Plate, Ceiling, Roof

Wall Modules - LOD 400-500

Note: for BOM-ready files, Master Module file includes clones for memory management and simplified view within Part Tree. Sample BOM file - [48]. Missing from BOM file - R38 roof insulation, roof ceiling, interior framing, interior insulation. See BOM spreadsheet - [49] generated from FreeCAD BOM test file for first and second floor of house - not including garage - [50]



Wall Parts

Part Library

Rosebudwalls.pngSpipe.pngRosebudcore.png Rosebudexp.png Rosebudfound.png

Aspen 1 has corridor in front, Aspen 2 in the back. Rosebud is the simplehut.

Walls - Deprecated

Foundation and Different House Models

See also integration of bathroom for initial plumbing stub-out - Shower Part Library



Deprecated Floor Plan

This doc is in preparation for generating accurate CAD. By thinking out the logic of the system carefully, we optimize for build efficiency and thus degenerate to a sound design, which is then CADded up.