CEB 6M Requirements

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The CEB 6 Manually Cut Version involves the same design as:

but it is converted to use commonly available, equivalent, stock steel sections. For example - three pieces are welded to make the u-channel verticals of the frame - but a comparable 1/2" stock steel channel can be used instead.

See Stock Steel Sections.

This means that:

  • U-sections can be replaced with stock u-channel
  • 4x6 angle sections can be replaced by 4x6x1/2" stock angle sections
  • Whenever a complicated CNC cut form is used - it has to be replaced with common flat steel - such as the drawer with notches - needs to be replaced with simple flats.
  • Whenever possible, use available steel. So for example - if something is 4.5", and we know 4.5" wide steel flats are not easily available - this should be converted to 4" flats. This requires knowledge, such as from a local welding shop - about which steel is readily available, and which is custom order. Readily available sections should be used whenever possible.