CEB CAD Assembly Constrained

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I am making a fully constrained CAD of the CEB Press. The current File:CEBPressJuneGroup.fcstd is unconstrained and have many inaccuracies. This page will list all the problems I am founding as I continue the process of constraining the CAD.

  • Plz advise on how to resolve each issue, and remove every corrected one from the list

I will upload later the Sub Assemblies, and the Subsubassemblies, as all the individual parts

Errors/Mismatches in CAD


video 1 - the plate needs to be moodified so it matches the bar. See design sprint working doc for who was assigned to that task and see if they finished.

video 2 - the hole in the frame plate needs to be moved over so it matches the arm.

Video 3 - it's ok The issue was a wrong constraint. Fixed