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CEB Press Research 2015 for CEB Rev 4.3 Build VI

CEB_Press_Molds Interchangable Press Molds Is a feature of many commercial CEB Presses. Consider how curved sides, angled ends or a groove may be added to the existing design.

- {{CEB Press Molds]],
- { mrsquish] 
- VelaCreations

Shaped Block Examples

- Interlocking Blocks

Increasing production rate;

Molds that produce multiple blocks per cycle increases the production rate. What is the additional cost to make the press wide enough to press two blocks per cycle?

Video example HydraForm V2LE

Eliminate shaker components.

- steeper hopper sides
- different hopper to press geometry turn the hopper 90 degrees
- shift hopper to move with lateral cylinder the motion shakes the hopper
- load with auger or conveyor
- prepare a soil mix that performs better in the 
- bumpers, detents or mechanical shaker associated with the motion of the slide

Symmetry for Alternate Assembly

Arrange the CEB Press components to be assembled in a mirrored manner for convenience
of the work site.

Insulating CEB (lightweight too)

Consider mixing as much as 70% perlite, styrofoam or other closed cell
insulator into the soil mix. This could be tested with one or two blocks
pressed with various insulating materials and soil mixes. Test for
shrinkage, compression capacity and R Value. Perhaps a composite block,
half compressed earth and insulated compressed earth, might make a
better exterior wall because of thermal mass on the inside and insulation
on the outside.

Mixed Soil Transport (Auger, Conveyor or Template:Aerial Ropeway)

Moving the soil from ground level into a smaller hopper with steeper
sides could be accommodated with a material transport auger. Also, the
tractor has the ability to apply enough down pressure to seriously damage
a CEB Press, this risk may be eliminated by filling the hopper with a soil
mix transport auger. While traveling in the auger the soil may be further
mixed and kept broken into small pieces. This has been discussed in OSE
forums by Wolfrick, 

Soil Mixer

This has been proposed and discussed in the past Soil Mixer many
commercial CEB Presses are fed from circular tub mixers, others from
hammer mills and ball crushers. 

Interchangeable Parts within a series of OSE OEB from most simple to fully automatic.

There are at least three variations:
1- fully automatic CEB press,
2- compression powered CEB press,
3- full manual CEB press.