CEB Frame Work Statement

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Can you do some CNC torch cutting for us? We want to do a CEB frame, but 100% on CNC torch table. Meaning we use 1/2" sheet, and make the CEB frame as a weldment from flats.

My goal for doing this is to allow for about 30 minutes of CNC torching (including bolt holes), and then the main frame (verticals, top + bottom cross pieces that take the force) can be assembled in under 1 hour and tacked to get a 3D frame. Then another hour of welding finishes the entire frame. So I'm looking at completed frame in about 2 hours - then we get to work on the cylinder.

We want the bolting because we want to be able to disassemble the entire thing for shipping in a minimum volume, so that part is not negotiable.

For this to be feasible, I need 1/2"x2.5" flats (43.5" long) to come out straight. Can you do cuts on your table like that without these warping out of control (more than 1/2" from end to end)? Can you pierce through 1/2" reliably for quality holes? I know I could do 1/2" piercing easily with Oxyacetylene torch

Do you think this is feasible? Do you think there will be issues?



  • 2.5" probably comes out straight, but 3" definitely does. Thus, I'll redesign for 3"
  • Cost is per inch and per pierce
  • Ben can pierce in up to 5/8" thick