CEB Press/Field Testing 2011

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This is a collection of videos and analysis from test runs of the CEB Press (and its larger variant, the Super CEB Press) in 2011. This is intended to show what the CEB can accomplish, but not leaving out problems, shortcomigns and/or challenges that may need to be ironed out in its design.

Factor e Farm (Kansas City area, Missouri)

October 23, 2011 - Super CEB Press

Sketchup design and animation test of the roller sections built to work with the CEB Press:

First trial run of the Super CEB Press on the morning of Sunday, October 23rd (a few bricks, the very first pressed from this Super CEB Press, were pressed during shakedown late the previous night):

A brief explanation of the shaker issue (video showing the problem more directly is in a later video):

A small demonstation of David our construction manager's CEB arch idea (note the bricks forming the arch were produced during the shakedown late Saturday night, before the CEB Press was tuned for maximum brick strength through the highest PSI the power cube would support producing; thus the bricks forming the arch are sub-par in terms of their strength compared to the bricks we produced during the Sunday morning trial run):

A brief description of an issue facing the rollers which will distribute bricks from the CEB Press to the walls, columns and forms where the bricks will be laid:

A second run, this time focusing on using the pulverizer (mounted here to a Bobcat via an OSE-created interface plate due to mechanical failures with the Lifetracs); this covers the entire clay pulverizing and loading run to fill the Super CEB Press' hopper; I accelerated the video to 32 times normal speed for many long segments:

A third run, this time testing a roller setup, making two roller segments perpendicular, giving the segment perpendicular to the one coming straight out of the CEB Press a slight decline to see if bricks coming out of the press can round the corner; we failed (should probably have made a steeper angle). This video does feature a shot inside the hopper showing the dirt not shaking down into the plate issue: