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Grate mounts.

Part Information

The grate mounts attach to the primary arms and to a nut welded to the grate.


  • Torch
  • Punch with 13/16" Dies
  • Grinder


  • [2] Steel Angle 4" A x 4" B x 1/2" Thickness x 38" Length


  • Punch a 13/16" hole at the bottom of the supports for each.


  • Torch away a 4" section on the top of each grate to make it like the model shown. Remember that the two are mirrored. Cut away the corner so the hopper wont hit it, about a 1" 45 degree triangle.


  • Torch a slot for a 3/4" bolt at the top of the mount, as shown.
  • Grind away all the slag.