CEB Press 6 - Beddingfield Edition - Product Description

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Last updated August 14, 2014

  • $10k standard price FOB Kansas City, USA
  • Typical production scenario: Extreme Manufacturing Workshop is organized for a build event with 30 days advance notice, and User is invited to the workshop to build the machine and obtain operation training. The User's lifetime warranty involves the user understanding how the machine is built, such that any repair may be performed by the User using readily-available, off-shelf parts.
  • Includes hopper, hopper shaker, 10 foot hoses with controller box for automatic and manual pressing of bricks up to 10 full bricks and 16 half-bricks per minute with a 28 GPM hydraulic power source at 2200-2400 PSI
  • DOES NOT include a built in power unit
  • Open Source Features:
  • Controlled by Arduino Teensy++2.0
  • open source mechanical design - full CNC torch table or laser cutter cut files
  • open source controller board with design files for PCB manufacturing
  • open source controller case for cutting via Ponoko or similar service;
  • Features:
  • May be used with 60% of all soils around the world
  • Adjustable legs for setting up on uneven terrain
  • Linear guide for soil-loading drawer
  • 5" main pressing cylinder for 20 tons of pressure
  • 2.5" drawer cylinder
  • Pressure relief set at 2500 PSI
  • Indicator lights on controller show when cylinders are actuated
  • Hydraulic pressure sensor controls motion sequence
  • Powered by an external 12V battery, alligator clips provided
  • Modular controller in rain-proof case - can be taken off by unplugging power and solenoids via quick connector
  • Hydraulics:
  • External power connection is made via hydraulic quick couplers
  • Tractor or bobcat with hydraulic power takeoff may be used
  • OSE can manufacture 27 hp, 14 gpm hydraulic power units - the Power Cube 7 - contact Tom Griffing
  • Accepts a hydraulic fluid power source at
  • 6 bricks per minute at 14 GPM fluid flow -
  • Extreme Production mode at 28 GPM fluid flow allows for the production of 10+ bricks per minute
  • Parts Costs:
  • Total US$5000 materials cost for digitally cut version, assuming $1000 in CNC metal cutting
  • $500 main cylinder
  • $900 3 station solenoid controller
  • Controller electronics materials - $100
  • Controller case materials - $100
  • Weight - approximately 1600 lb
  • Crating - shippable in a 3'x3'x6' pallet crate
  • Fits on the back of a 3/4 ton pickup truck in its assembled form with hopper taken off for a lower center of mass
  • Buildable in an 8 hour day with 10 people using OSE's Extreme Manufacturing techniques. Adjustment and calibration takes another 2 hours.


See MicroHouse 3 build - For MicroHouse 3 we ran the machine without hopper, because the soil was too wet and bridged due to a week of rain.

See for the machine from 2 years ago.

Photo shoot of CEB Press - Beddingfield Edition forthcoming.