CEB Press 6 - Controller Module - 3D CAD

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3D of the controller case in OpenSCAD format - File:Controllercase.SCAD

See instructions for manipulating in presentation:

Change Log

  • Feb 15, 2015 version - New version:

1 (cover interferes with tabs) and 2 (latches do not take panel thickness into account) - were code bugs introduced by reducing the design to one P3 plate - have now been fixed

3 (screws in way of latch)- fixed by moving screw position up

4 (loosen fet/resistor/led spacing) done by modifying existing layout - - schematic has not been modified at all

5 (eliminate R19) not doable with single-sided layout

6 (bottom) we removed the bottom panel to make the design fit on a single P3. If you want the bottom back in, you need to add another P1 of the same material. This has been added to the file as plate3. It slides in from the front and is optionally held in place with a pair of bolts and nuts on the back.

7 (pcb and control panel edge line up) has been fixed by moving control panel towards front of case