CEB Press 6 - Controller Module - Review

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Brick Press controller bug fixes are on the way for the final release of CEB Press - slated for Distributive Enterprise Edition release in April 2015. Here are the details of the issues, see this document:


  1. Notches needed in cover for cover to open
  2. Latches - all had to be notched
  3. 4th latch can't be inserted bc screws are in the way
  4. Loosen up MOSFET-resistor-LED spacing, reduce board to 6 or 10 channels
  5. Jumber R18 ok?, but can R19 be done on board itself?
  6. Bottom not closed?
  7. Edge of aperture in control panel mount board is right over ciruit board -

condensation/water dribble can get right on circuit board. Pot board to seal it?