CEB Press 6 - Controller Module - Software

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Kliment Edition - Test Code

Revision 2

  • On-board fuse, LED lights, and reverse polarity diode
  • Pinout needs to be corrected compared to automatic control code of Dwiel
  • Download test code -

Revision 1

Download test code - File:Kliment CEB Press Testing.ino

The code that is currently on it is . You'll need to install the teensy addons to arduino to be able to program it (at I noticed today that I forgot to put a mini-usb cable into the package. You will need a mini-usb cable to change the code. It's currently programmed to just switch the corresponding solenoid on if a button is pressed. The solenoid positive wires are all connected to +12V, the negative wires are individually labeled.

Kliment Edition - Run Code

Former Work

See Zach Dwiel's prior work -