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Current Status

The Current Status refers to the Critical Path for the project. One current step is summarized at - converting the machine to a manually cut version.

CEB Links that Contain Data follow:

Interface Design
CAM Files
Hydraulics Optimization
Hydraulic Diagrams
Bill of Materials
Exploded Parts Diagram
Language Agnostic Instructionals
Design Problem Statement
3D CAD Review
Bolting Pattern
Logic Diagrams
Electronics Layout
Machine Infographic
Build Time Data
Safety Review
Test Procedures and Data Collection 
Review Suggestions
Product Description
Viral Replicability Criteria
Open Sourcing
Event Organization

There are many links in the table below that are void of data. The list above was created so you don't have to click on empty links, as I did, to find they contain no data. It is impolite, inconvenient, selfish as it wastes others time to create links that are empty no matter how convenient is seems to a link creator. Either add links to the above list when data is added or remove from the table links that are void. I created the above list because I could not remove the [] brackets from around the links in the database making them clearly inactive links as I would have done had I had access to the database. This was done to save others the half hour or so checking links that were empty. - JohnS

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