CEB Press 6 - Overall Machine - Firmware

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Thu Sep 18, 2014

Tue Jul 29, 2014


17:43 July 29, 2014 Version:

  • Pressure release of main cylinder after pressing is too long - needs to be about 1/10 of current value. Value needs to be Time of Retraction/64. (8"/64=1/8").
  • Shaker goes on at all times outside of lowering of main cylinder - should go on only during PUSHBRICK_SHAKE, CLOSECHAMBER_SHAKE, OPENCHAMBER_SHAKE.
  • Timed main cylinder retraction does not work - only the max down (bottoms out with pressure) mode

Before July 29, 2014


Aidan and Gabe,

I have written down the CEB Code requirements:

Please look that over and let me know if you have any issues with those requirements. We need to make minor code adjustments to implement these.

One known issue:

Aiden and I observed that the main cylinder is not going down all the way in timed mode - it stops 1/4" short. This needs to be addressed. It appears that the most efficient way to achieve this is by using pressure sensing, not timing, for the thickest brick setting (ie, maximum pot value) - as timing is apparently a little inaccurate because of code run time effects.

Also, I highlighted shaker turn-on strategy in red. From my experience 3 years ago, that strategy allows the machine to press more bricks, because excess fluid is diverted from drawer motion, which is overpowered. Now one may argue that we should turn on the shaker during ANY motion of the secondary cylinder, but this should not be the case. Currently, I believe the code has the shaker motion on by itself. That is too much power to the shaker if we use 54 hp, so it's better to divide power between the shaker and drawer. We can, on the other hand, feed all the power to the main cylinder without problems.

Finally, we should begin the main cylinder down motion as soon as the brick starts moving from the main-cylinder-top position. This will allow us to press more bricks. At that point, pressure high occurs when the main cylinder bottoms out. This is subtle - but needs to be implemented.

Does this make sense?