CEB Press 6 - Overall Machine - Hydraulic Diagrams

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Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves used are from p. 66 of Dalton Hydraulics catalog - [1]

27 hp Operation

No problem using the Hyvair solenoids. Hyvair tech support - 866.449.8249x214, Rodney Wailes, Inside Sales, rwailes at hyvair dot com.

54 hp Operation

There are challenges when using the machine on full power, and these require careful study, so let's review the entire situation.

  • We are using a series type valve, not a parallel valve. In a series valve, the fluid travels through the 3 solenoids sequentially, starting with the one at the inlet port. Continuity of fluid means that when a cylinder reaches its limiting position, all valves downstream stop as well.
  • A parallel valve would not work with a gear pump. I talked to Hyvair tech support, and was told that the parallel valve would work only when all channels are activated when we use a gear pump - fluid would bypass through other channels if they are not activated. For a parallel valve, we would need to use a pressure-compensated pump, according to the tech.
  • With a series valve, we need to put the small cylinder in the 3rd position, so if we bypass to tank, we are relieving pressure to tank - not to subsequent valves - meaning - pressure does not build up in the valve.
  • This could explain why we are getting high pressure at 54 hp whenever activating the secondary cylinder, and the pressure going up whenever we turned on another component - fluid is not shared, it is sequential between cylinders.
  • Proposed solution: place the secondary cylinder in the 3rd valve position. -MJ