CEB Press 6 - Overall Machine - Interface Design

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  1. 1. Hopper to Grate. Grate to Soil Deflectors. Grate to Front Grate Interface Plate. Grate to Rear Grate Interface Plate.
  2. 2. Hopper to Hopper Seat.
  3. 3. Hopper Seat to Frame
  4. 4. Rear Hopper Supports to Grate. Rear Hopper Supports to Primary Arms. Front Hopper Supports to Grate. Front Hopper Supports to Primary Arms.
  5. 6. Drawer to Frame, Linear Guides, and Secondary Cylinder.
  6. 7. Linear Guide to Drawer. Linear Guide to Primary Arms.
  7. 8. Linear Guide Mount to Guide Shaft. Linear Guide Mount to Primary Arms.
  8. 9. Primary Arms to Frame. Primary Arms to Secondary Arms. Primary Arms to Hopper Supports. Primary Arms to Solenoid Valve. Primary Arms to Linear Guide Mounts.
  9. 10. Secondary Arms to Primary Arms. Secondary Arms to Legs. Secondary Arms to Secondary Cylinder.
  10. 11. Legs to Feet.
  11. 13. Secondary Cylinder to Drawer. Secondary Cylinder to Secondary Arms.
  12. 16. Hopper Support Holders to Secondary Arms and Hopper Supports.
  13. 17. Valve to Secondary Arms.
  14. 18. Hopper Shaker Assembly to Hopper.
  15. 19. Hopper Shaker Motor to Hopper Shaker Assembly.