CEB Press 6 - Overall Machine - Requirements

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  • Open source design
  • Connection to an external power source
  • Hydraulic fluid power from 5 to 54 hp
  • Vertical press type
  • Modular design such that all components may be dismounted from the machine within minutes
  • Bolt-together frame for repair
  • Quick-connect hydraulic couplers
  • Soil grate for filtering rocks
  • Soil deflectors for preventing soil spillage
  • 20 tons of pressing force
  • 6"x12" press foot (width x length)
  • Software-adjustable brick height, from 2" to 4"
  • Hopper shaker for preventing soil bridging
  • Ajustable legs so that machine can fit on back of 3/4 ton pickup truck
  • Simplest, lowest-cost design for the highest performance
  • Throughput of ten 4" high blocks per minute
  • Linear guides for the soil-loading drawer
  • Tractor-loaded hopper
  • Design for digital fabrication via CNC torch table or laser cutting, with notching for one-way parts fit
  • Design for build in 8 hours or less with a team of 6 people
  • Design for assembly in 1 hour with 4 people
  • Weight of under 2000 lb
  • Hydraulic hose covers to prevent rubbing and rupture