CEB Press 6 - Overall Machine - Review Suggestions

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Wed Jun 25, 2014

The bushings of 3D prints are problematic in that it takes so long to print, and they would be $800 to get made by So I think a backup - a metal plate to which we can weld a 1-1/4" ID bushing to hold the MDS nylon bushings - would do the trick. Still would need caps to hold bushing, or a set-screw. A small tack on end of bushing would probably do the trick as the easiest route.

Also, it appears we can go tighter on the frame fab. I think we should set the main frame holes for the top and bottom face plates to be exactly right for the 3/4" bolts - not oversized - I think there is too much play in the system - which makes it harder for the final machine to be calibrated. I'm more inclined to introduce the need for reaming out the holes than have potential misaslignment. I am saying this from the perspective of amateurs putting the frame together - it's much easier if the main frame is tight.

Sun Jun 8, 2014

Please let me know if I've got the correct idea for the sacrificial plates in the channel assembly. Here are a couple of other things that I modified and are reflected in these drawings and cut files:

  • .25in sacrificial plates as mentioned (drawing attached)
  • revised support holder (drawing attached)Check.png
  • new slots in primary arms for support holderCheck.png
  • .25in gussets in primary arm to make it easier to weld the plates at 90deg and for added strength - make these sacrificial for packing
  • added plates for the bushing holders (four hole plates)
  • widened holes and added a few holes in the back of the hopper and shaker guard so that the shaker can be mounted separately like we did last time
  • fixed a plate on the top of the frame so that there is clearance for the hopper supports
  • added part number 274 to the frame channel assembly as a deflector in case the bushing holder comes close to the side of the frame (see drawing)
  • re-did the valve mount

See images:

File:Cor1.png - make the triangle gussets sacrificial - for purposes of packing into 3'x3'x6' pallet. Gussets need to be removed.


  • Exit side cover plate due to introduced scissor points on drawer
  • Shorten guide shaft to 44" from 48"
  • Modify bushing holders - fatter on top and profiled
  • Reargrateclamps.png flats and inner tabs should be notched for easier weld alignment.