CEB Press 6 - Overall Machine Production Business Model

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We are testing the Extreme Production Workshop Model as a scalable, bootstrap-able route to funding OSE's open source hardware development. Our unique approach focuses on hardware - because 80% of the world's economy is based on physical production. (ref)

Our goal is to increase development velocity by training future developers - and involving workshop participants in the heart of the development process. This means that whatever prior art exists at the time of the workshop, we build upon it during the workshop: build data refinement, process refinement, design suggestions, etc.

The OSE Extreme Manufacturing Workshop Model involves 2 revenue streams. The first is the sale of a machine kit as a result of the workshop. The second is

Organization Checklist:

  • Set up a Development Board for the machine, broken down into modules - 2 hours
  • Take and copy existing Development Board and change prototype number only for the next version. Means copying
  • Generate a collaborating team of Developers, Reviewers (weak part), and design sprinters
  • Machine Design - CAD
  • Viral Replicability Checklist developed
  • Workshop Equipment and Supplies Checklist
  • Workshop Workflow Design
  • Visual Fabrication Diagram designed for 12 people
  • Documentation plan developed for 4 committed developers
  • Complete Prediction of Build Data (validated during build)
  • Complete Bill of Materials sourcable in 2-4 hours of time
  • Complete Document, Website, and Email Templates - executable in 2-4 hours (8 hours total admin time for preparing a workshop)
  • Liability waiver prepared for the machine.

communication channels contributor log team status CRITICAL ELEMENTS DASHBOARD - the intro page initial test of documentation REQUIREMENTS - what is needed MODULES - breakdown of machine into parts INTERFACE DESIGN - how the modules fit together interface design review CONCEPT - first step in actual design work INDUSTRY STANDARDS - and history TECH TREE OF CHOICES - specifying development path CALCULATIONS 3D CAD CAD in BRLCAD - CEB 4 2D CAD CAM Files - DXF, milling, etc HYDRAULICS DIAGRAMS BILL OF MATERIALS CUT LIST FABRICATION DRAWINGS Visual Fabrication Diagram EXPLODED PARTS DIAGRAM REVIEW BUILD INSTRUCTIONS LANGUAGE AGNOSTIC INSTRUCTIONALS BUILD TIME LAPSE BUILD PICTURES BUILD VIDEO DOZUKI INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURE DESIGN PROBLEM STATEMENT DESIGN COLLABORATION Range of Motion Design 3D CAD Review Bolting Pattern CAE analysis (structural, drag, thermal, power analysis; list of software to use) Functional Diagram 3D Assembly Animation Visual Bill of Materials Sketchup Layers to Build Sequence Sketchup to Instructional Conversion of Sketchup to Rendered Animations ELECTRICAL Logic Diagram Electronics Schematics Electronics Layout Wiring Diagram Software Firmware GRAPHICS, ANIMATION, EXPLAINERS Machine/Module Infographic How it Works + Logic Design Rationale Explainer Video Script Explainer Video Exploded Part Animation RAPID PROTOTYPING / TEST-DRIVEN DESIGN test-driven partial prototype test procedure Model Laser Cutting 2D File Model Laser Cutting Buildout of Laser-Cut Model Model Build Pictures Model Dozuki Instructional Partial Prototype Build, Video, and Pictures Partial Prototype Data Collection BUILD PREPARATIONS Shot List Workshop Map and Workflow Master Review Checklist for Build Preparation Fabrication Diagram List of Tools, Consumables, Infrastructure, and Supplies needed BUILD AND BUILD REVIEW Build Time Data Quality Control Checklist (Includes Safety, and Data Collection Checklists - includes column for issues and desired changes. Since we want to use a distributive enterprise, collaborative production approach - we need to include optimization and social aspects) Prototype and Build Review - note - put this into Build Quality Control TESTING AND DATA COLLECTION Test Procedures and Data Collection Suggestions and Solutions towards Product Release ENTERPRISE Operating manual economic analysis collaborative production business model Development Workflow Infographic Event Organization Machine / Module Manual


  • $1500 - food for 5 days - $750 catering.