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This page documents and develops monetization models surrounding the CEB Press.

  • CEB Press Extreme Manufacturing Workshops
  • Stabilized Block sales - requires advanced soil mixer
  • CEB Construction Workshop
  • CEB Extreme House Build
  • Build Manual Book - on demand printed. Distributive enterprise open publishing can invite progressive publishers to collaborate. Potential invitation to mainstream publishers - DE for world and super high quality from them.
  • Coffee Table Book - on demand printed
  • Live Webinar series. Live webinar is free. Recorded webinar is paid.
  • Swag - polo shirt by service, sticker; laser cut model for kids. 3D printed model? All DE and templated, including automated label printing + manufacturing-on-demand, with shipping only.
  • Corporate Training curriculum - team building - with CEB Press as case in point and brick press donated to a community in need. CSR + training.
  • Brick press build sponsored by corporations, donated to community in need.
  • CNC metal cutting services for parts
  • Parts manufacturing - solenoids, cylinders, controller board, etc.
  • Enterprise training webinar. Paid for direct participation. Prerequisite: clear price structure.
  • Machine rentals
  • Lime production & sales
  • Power Cube Extreme Manufacturing
  • Speaking Engagements
  • On-demand 3D Printing
  • On-demand Laser Cutting - house and machine models