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OSE's enterprise model aims to address the need for efficient production, while allowing for a social production model - while providing education - while providing enterprise training for both the growth of OSE and for the growth of enterprise independent of OSE.

OSE's enterprise model involves a triple revenue model which we call Extreme Production: tuition for immersion education, sale of machine kits, and entrepreneurship training in partnership with community development organizations.

The immersion education part follows the standard Workshop Model - people paying for intensive


The rationale for this is our core mission: creating the open source economy by transitioning the human productive enterprise to a new paradigm of open source, distributed production as the new status quo.

These are high ideals, but our route is practical: Extreme Production. This means absolutely efficient production which competes with existing proprietary enterprise - and which may have a potential to dominate - upon reaching an accelerated rate of innovation via collaborative, open source development.

To put this into practice, absolute efficiency must be attained. This is favorable in open source development - which inherently drives for efficiency by eliminating all forms of competitive waste such as protectionism, proprietary R&D, monopoly, nontransparent communication, centralization, legal complexity, and bureaucracy.

For a chance to scale - we propose that the efficient, open source enterprise operates as:

  • A flexible fabrication enterprise- non-specialized fabrication facility that can produce just about anything
  • Vertically-integrated enterprise - which brings as much of the supply chain in-house as possible, while making operations simple as an open, learning organization which pursues best practice by building on and contributing to open source enterprise models
  • A lean organization - involves open enterprise documentation for easy on-boarding, well-established though agile operating proceudures that allow for a simple operating model - to minimize bureaucracy, maximize team size, and work as an ecosystem of small, independent players

The OSE Model

For the Brick Press - this is our revenue model for running a workshop.


  • $300-400 for workshop tuition.

Revenue Model

Per workshop