CEB Press Fabrication Procedure

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  1. Prepare all required tools and workspace
    1. Include scalability considerations and workflow for 1 machine, then 4 machines, then continuous production (100 machines)
  2. Purchase stock metal and other components (several full, well-organized pages are needed here; older pages should be mined for this)
    1. Stock steel (pictures from first build are desirable here)
    2. CEB Hydrauilics Order (complete lists already documented on wiki, need to be organized on this new page)
    3. Controller (v0.1 should be documented; v0.2 by Dorkmo, and v0.3 by Blair of Detroit Fab Lab should be added)

Cut CEB Metal

  • Methods: Abrasive, Torch, Cold Cut, Ironworker, Bandsaw, Plasma Cutter, Oxy Torch

Secure CEB Fasteners

  • [2] 1/2"x2" - cylinder alignment
  • [4] 1/2: nuts - cylinder alignment
  • [2] 3/4"x6" threaded rod - cylinder align
  • [6] 3/4" nuts - cylinder align
  • [4] 3/4" nuts - arms to frame attachment

Punch CEB Holes

Grind CEB Metal

Weld All Assemblies

Prepare all other Assemblies (Sensors, Controller)

Sensor Fabrication

Sensor Assembly Fabrication

Controller Fabrication

Bolt Entire Machine Together

Upload Control Code, Dry Test, and Field Test