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I am creating this doc for the design sprint on Saturday July 22 @10:55 MST as per slide #2 of the sprint document @ [1] - Dixon



Conditions of satisfaction for complete CAD for a given project means that we have a complete part library:

  • Parts - for building Modules, Sub-assemblies and for producing Fabrication Drawings
  • Modules - Made of multiple parts, usually used in Sub-assemblies. Modules are used when there is repeated assembly of same or similar parts (like the legs). These are used for Exploded Part Animations, Language Agnostic Instructionals (LAIs), and other work.
  • Sub-assemblies The major components of the final CAD. used for Exploded Part Animations, Language Agnostic Instructionals (LAIs), and other work.
  • Final Assembly - The completed build. for Exploded Part Animations, LAIs. Note that the Final Assembly may have to use Simplified Assets in some cases to remain workable
  • Simplified Assets: Parts, Modules, Assemblies - these are versions with details removed. Some may be grouped to facilitate handling. In some cases they are drawn from scratch as only abstract, blocky models - to save significantly on file size.
  • File Size Requirements - all assets meet File Size Requirements for that particular asset type. Files can't be so large that FreeCAD can't open them or work with them effectively.
  • File Organization - Spreadsheet of all Assets (both Simlified and Complete assets) is available.Each Sub-Assembly or Module CAD file includes the parts list diagram
  • Construction Best Practices - procedures for effective part building in FreeCAD are followed for each file. Each part should be designed at the origin, so symmetries can assist in the design.
  • File Build Documentation - Each file is documented for how to create that file, so novices can get up to speed in making modifications. A short video with voiceover is the best way to document a part build. This is important because this creates design literacy in the general populace.
  • ConstraintsAll the modules and Sub-assemblies are constrained without any Degrees Of Freedom.

HintLightbulb.png Hint: Once all the parts here are stable, we will create a FreeCAD CEB Press Workbench which allows for parametric modification for different sizes of the machine.


CEB_Press#Master_Index The genealogy needs the addition of the 17.08 version, but the file is protected and cannot be edited

Master File

  • File:CEB 17.08 supporting Includes all the parts, modules and sub-assemblies that are used in the final assembly. If any editing is needed to any parts plz unzip the files to the same directory as the Final Assembly. Update and Save any related modules, sub-assemblies, zip the files and reupload to the wiki. Update, Save and Reupload the Final Assembly as well.

Parts Gallery

Frame Sub-assembly

Main Leg Module

Has to be broken down to individual parts

  • Leg_front_plate
  • Leg_side_plate
  • Leg_rib

Bottom Rear

has to be renamed to "Bottom_module" and broken down to parts

  • Bottom_Vertical_plate
  • Bottom_Horizontal_plate
  • Bottom_square depreciated

Top Panel Module

Mid Plates

Individual Parts

  • Chamber Spacer

Arms Sub-assembly

Arm 1 Module

Arm 2 Module

Arm 3 Module

Arm 4 Module

Leg Module

Individual parts

  • Table 6048
  • Table 6049

Drawer Sub-assembly

Rod Holder Module

  • bushing
  • metal cover
  • rod holder top
  • bolt 0.75
  • nut 0.75

Invividual parts

  • Drawer_top
  • Drawer_side
  • 6270
  • Drawer_bottom_6259
  • Drawer_compression_plate
  • 6264
  • 6265
  • 6266
  • Drawer_rod_attach_bar

Hopper seat Sub-assembly

Individual parts

  • 6064
  • 6065
  • 6067
  • 6068






Individual Parts

  • Hinge

Grate Sub-assembly




Individual Parts

  • 6600_deflector
  • 6602_deflector

Cylinder Sub-assembly

Individual Parts

  • Main_Cylinder
  • 6333
  • 6334
  • 6335
  • 6336
  • 6325_pin
  • bushing

Secondary Cylinder Sub-assembly

Individual Parts

  • Secondary_cylinder
  • secondary_cylinder_pin

Final Assembly Gallery