CEB Press Viral Replicability Criteria

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See Viral_Replicability_Criteria for specific requirements.

Success Metrics - or Metrics for Knowing When Viral Replicability Has Been Obtained

How do we quantify and measure Viral Replicability, so that we know when viral replicability has been successful?

Here are some measures:

  1. Absolute Measure - first, the number of machines built must be large, regardless of market size. For CEB presses, we postulate that part of the reason why not so many automated brick presses are being used is because of their cost. Thus, success would mean that the number of OSE machines being built, compared to optimum market potential - is significant. The maximum potential for machine builds means that any single house being build (about 1 million houses in America annually) uses a block press.
  2. Cost of Machine relative to the cost of the parts of a house that are built using the machine - a CEB press must be significantly lower in cost than the walls of a house IF the market is individual home builders looking to build a more affordable house. Our current cost is $5k in materials for the fully automated brick press, and about twice that for a machine built by a local fabricator.
  3. Performance is acceptable - 300 PSI or stronger block is produced.
  4. Dimensional stability of block in the stacking direction is +/- 1/16".