CEB Press Workflow

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  • Lay small concrete blocks or pads along the exterior perimeter of the building; use waterproof sealing compound to ensure zero water penetration underneath these blocks/pads
  • Ready the dirt site for loading desirable dirt by clearing away the topsoil.
  • Position the CEB Press such that its output can be carried by rollers to the area where the next wall will be constructed.
  • Start mixing batches of slurry to be used for adhering the CEBs together.
  • Operate the CEB Press, loading and unloading dirt into its hopper.
  • Apply slurry at the top face of the existing CEB wall (if none, apply on the concrete); also slurry side faces on the existing wall that can be contacted by the next block to be laid.
  • Lay a block on the slurried surface and position it evenly with contact on the slurried side face. Ensure that the wall is flush with the exterior perimeter of the building. Lips will invite standing water that decimates the base of CEB walls.
  • Keep operating the CEB Press, mixing batches of slurry, and laying blocks until the wall is complete.
  • Reposition the CEB Press for further wall construction.
  • Rework the dirt extraction site if the piles of usable dirt are dwindling.
  • Optionally insert hay and borax into gaps between CEB walls for superior insulation properties while preventing insect growth.