CEB Press v17.08 Design + Function

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The OSE CEB Press is a bottom press- blocks are pressed by the main cylinder from the bottom. A soil loading drawer loads soil into the compression chamber. Soil is loaded from the top of the machine using a tractor loader from one side of the machine. The blocks are ejected on the opposite side of the machine, away from the loading side - so that machine loading and unloading can happen safely at the same time. The blocks are pressed agains the surface of the soil loading drawer, and typical operating pressure for CEBs is 2200-2300 PSI to achieve proper compreesion. No advantage in block quality is obtained by running above this pressure.

Wiring and Pressing Sequence

The following diagrams show the electrical and plumbing connections.

The document also shows the full sequence of pressing steps under automatic operation.


Pressure Settings

The operating pressure of the machine is set using the relief valve on the power hoses from the Power Cube. To adjust the setting, use a hydraulic pressure gauge to set the machine bypass to 2500 PSI. Turn the adjustment screw in to raise the pressure, and out to loosen it. The adjustment screw is under the adjustement nut on the bypass valve. The machine should be pre-set to 2500 PSI.

The pressure sensor should be preset to 2200-2300 PSI. To set the pressure of the pressure sensor, adjust a small flathead screwdriver screw on the pressure sensor. If the pressure sensor does not trigger, lower the pressure setting. Screw in to raise pressure, and screw out to lower the pressure. The pressure sensor comes pre-set.