CEB Press v17.08 Workshop Improvement Notes

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Sourcing Issues

  • 2 pieces missing from CNC cutting; need to make sure that materials are available the week before the event and that they are inventoried - or we inventory our own cutting. This is the first time that a steel order was not correct - the CNC shop is at fault here.
  • Solution - picking an old part of old machine (secondary arms)


  • Tabs on top frame pieces and mid frame pieces are bowing in from the welding. Needs complete ability to weld back and forth until a good weld happens

CNC Cut Pattern

  • More reinforcements are required for pieces not bending in
  • Markings on arms, both primary and secondary, should be unique so visual inspection for which part goes with which becomes easier. Today, someone took the wrong arm pair (one piece from one arm, and another piece from another) - and it wasnt' visible immediately because pieces looked the same. Unique identifiers should be added in the CNC cut itself.
  • Immediately visible markings should occur so one end of long arm pieces is easily distinguished from another end, so the steel does not need to be flipped - saving time
  • Poka yoke patterns on drawer should allow easier ability to identify which piece goes where. Right now pokayoke exists for fit itself, but metal should provide additional info (which is top, bottom - so things are not put in upside down.


  • Gas went out on 1 welder during the workshop (gas solenoid issue?)
  • Gas was already out on 1 welder, but that wasn't checked prior to the workshop. Tighter quality control on welders needs to happen before workshop.
  • We are down from 6 known working to 4 known working MIGs and 3 stick welders.
  • Definite case for open source version of welder so any issue can be addressed readily. Or convert the stick welders to MIG by addition of wire feeder + gas.


  • Definitely people are excited, so things are good