CEB Press v21.06 Calculations

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Cylinder Evaluation

  • 5" special cylinders are $500 for one with a rod sticking out 3":
  • Is it an option to use 2 cylinders, if they can be mounted effectively? It could make sense if we CNC cut mounting plates as needed.

Pressing Rate

  • Same cylinder as before
  • Pump all power into large cylinder upon large cylinder motion
  • Calculations based on CEB Press v17.08 Calculations, which show 1.52 gallons per cycle.
    • We get 7 block per minute.
  • In case of 16 hp engine, this works. Add more power, and we have:
  • 77 cu in per cycle for small cylinder. Running on 10.6 gpm, we get 32 cycles per minute or 1.9 seconds for a cycle.
  • For 275 cu in per cycle for large cylinder, we get 8.9 cycles per minute, or 6.7 seconds per cycle.
  • all together we have 8.6 seconds per cycle, or 7 block per minute. In real life we were observing 6+ block per minute, or 15% less.
  • Add 18 hp power cubes, 36 hp - 21.2 gpm, but actually pressing rate is slightly less because we have 10.6 gpm flow for the duration of the small cylinder. This means we take 1.9 seconds for each small cylinder cycle, and 3.4 seconds for the main cylinder. At 5.4 seconds - we get 11 block per minute. That may get it to 9.4 block per minute.
  • Add another power cube for 54 hp - 31.8 gpm. Then we would need a larger valve. We could add anothe 10 gpm valve so we have 26 + 10 or 36 gpm capacity. In this case, small cylinder takes 1.9 seconds - and large one takes 2.2 seconds per cycle. Total of 4.1 seconds per cycle - or 14.6 block per minute. Derated this yields 12.4 block per minute.
  • All in all, we go from 6 to 9.4 to 12.4 block per minute. Per hour this gets us to 744 block per hour. 8 hour day gives us 5952 block. Whoa.
    • This means 1 foot thick wall - 192 block per 4' wide wall section (8' tall) or 124 feet of wall.


  • Valves -