CEB Prototype 1 Fab

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Here are most of the details for fabricating CEB Prototype 1.

We start with raw metal. Drill holes in the structure pieces, 7/16" x 6 inch u-channel:

1 cebfab.jpg

Begin putting the frame together:

2 cebfab.jpg

Use 1/2", grade 8 bolts, and the frame is complete:

3 cebfab.jpg

Cut Nylon 6/6 liner to size, and use it for abrasion resistance for the compression chamber:

4 cebfab.jpg

Install the Nylon liner in the compression chamber:

5 cebfab.jpg

Add the plate for the compression chamber box, with the Nylon underneath:

6 cebfab.jpg

Put in spacers for the bottom of the frame, as the 5 inch cylinder that we used was fatter than 6 inches of the frame width:

7 cebfab.jpg

Assemble and stand the machine:

Take out the acetylene torch:

9 cebfab.jpg

And slice up metal pieces for the pressing plate:

10 cebfab.jpg

Grind and prepare pressing plate assembly:

We used a 20 kW tractor power-take-off (PTO) genearator to feed the welder.

16 cebfab.jpg

Here is the prepared pressing plate assembly with cylinder pin:

17 cebfab.jpg

Add the 5 inch, 2.5 inch rod, ~20 ton hydraulic cylinder:

18 cebfab.jpg

Fit the pressing plate assembly on the cylinder:

19 cebfab.jpg

Prepare sides of the compression plate, so the compression plate assembly moves straight vertically:

Here is the finished press plate and cylinder mount before assembly:

23 cebfab.jpg

Here is the assembled press plate, with rubber liner on top:

24 cebfab.jpg

Note how the two pieces are bolted together:

25 cebfab.jpg

Now we fit the compression box assembly in the frame, attach the cylinder and hydraulics, and test motion of the cylinder:

Now we fit the cylinder and press plate into the frame:

29 5 cebfab.jpg

We close up the compression box:

30 cebfab.jpg

Here we show other details of mounting the cylinder in the frame:

Thy cylinder is mounted and the pin holder is ready for welding:

36 cebfab.jpg

Winter came, so we moved operations into the greenhouse:

37 cebfab.jpg

We attached the hopper table to the frame:

38 cebfab.jpg

And we are ready to test the pressing of the first brick:

39 cebfab.jpg

We filled the compression chamber with soil:

40 cebfab.jpg We covered the latch, and fixed it in place (not shown):

41 cebfab.jpg

And we pressed the first brick:

42 cebfab.jpg

Here is the first block ejected:

We show the block and the earth it's made from:

44 cebfab.jpg

Next comes the hopper assembly. Here is the hopper cylinder:

45 cebfab.jpg

Here is the liner for the hopper table:

46 cebfab.jpg

Here is the hopper assembly in the making. Soil enters the compression chamber through the hole in the bottom plate:

47 cebfab.jpg

And here is the finished hopper assembly, ready for testing:

48 cebfab.jpg

We gather a pile of semi-frozen dirt:

48 5 cebfab.jpg

And pack the compression chamber, first manually:

49 cebfab.jpg

Then we fill the hopper. The soil was too wet, but here are some sample bricks:

And that's it for Phase 1. Now we'll be testing the machine and building an improved prototype with an XYZ torch table to facilitate metal preparation.