CEB Prototype IV Design Changes

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From CEB_Press_Prototype_IV learnings:

Top order:

  1. Vertical height of main frame off by 2"
  2. Replace #70 and 71 with a single piece of 1"x2" flat, 36" long
  3. Modify the location of hinges so there is no small crack towards the hopper seat


  1. Change the shaker guard to a single rectangular plate
  2. Part #74 mislabeled in drawing 111
  3. Modular rear hopper support tubes - from fixed to modular
  4. Modular Solenoid attachment - added
  5. Holes for welding threaded rod in press foot - need to be 1"
  6. Add 6" and 8.5" as the rail protrusion distances in drawing 111
  7. Change hinges to more solid ones
  8. Change shaker support width accordingly

CAD File Changes

  • Valve holder quick connect needs to be added - fab sheet needed. Holes removed from frame and plate
  • Rear hopper support holder module - needs a Fab drawing sheet