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Interview Template

CEB SME Template

Interview Questions

  1. What is your general outlook regarding the CEB industry and sustainable construction in general? (emerging trends, best practices, leading organizations, public perception, etc.)
  2. What can you tell us about experimental data on block mixtures and their performance?
  3. How does climate affect CEB Construction? Are there resources we can use as guides?
  4. Will you independently assess our CEB Press design?
  5. Do you know of building designs that fit the OSE Specification? (modularity, low cost, high performance, open source, lifetime design/longevity)
  6. Can you tell us about techniques that have emerged as best practices?
  7. Who is providing the best training courses in CEB building in the world?
  8. What other organizations should we turn to?
  9. Do you have any suggestions for our MicroHouse Design? (Missouri, simplicity, accessibility, DIY, Open Source)
  10. Are you interested in partnering on a build project?
  11. Are you interested in purchasing, building, or using one of our CEB Presses?
  12. Are you interested in collaborating on or contributing building designs or details?
  13. What are your techniques for selling CEB construction? Or why do people come to you for construction/architectural services?
  14. Do you have examples of CEB successes and failures you'd be willing to share?
  15. Do you have model CEB projects you'd be willing to share?

People Interviewed