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Core Goal

CORE GOAL (review Goals) - By teaching people as much as we can about the topic, we are educating developers. The Extreme Build is bait. Our approach is to generate Entrepreneurs first - because any entrepreneur who build these machines is likely to engage in development. Crowdsource Improvements on everything.

  1. Video of machine assembly. Tests the files and shares the overview.
  2. Signup + Pay Structure. No streaming plan for now.
  3. Announcement poster - marketing to Developer market segment. To get Developers, we need to Educate Developers. Expose source for crowdsourced improvements.
  4. Financial Model (include annual cost of facility overhead and insurance)
  5. Curriculum - rough cut
  6. Marketing Plan. Done when 24 people are signed up.

1. Flyer - CROWD SOURCED flyer that improves with time! Allow people to participate in it - what would you like to see on the flyer that would make you attend? Crowd source the content and the template itself. Reward: 50% off the workshop admission.

  • CROWDSOURCED CONTENT improvement of flyer
  • CROWDSOURCED TEMPLATE improvement of flyer
  • CROWDSOURCED REWARD. Chip-In or equivalent for the specific flyer.



Entrepreneur! Build Yourself, from 0 to Maker

Extreme Manufacturing Workshop -

  • Build a complete Brick Press - in One Day
  • learn to weld
  • cut and assemble a complete laser cut scale model
  • 3d print a complete scale model of the brick press
  • zero-to-maker
  • build a machine in a day
  • Sketchup - lesson - Google doc with main skills and with links to videos.
  • Badge


  • April 25-27, or April 25-28. One day option (April 28) for Distributive Enterprise Training is also possible.
  • Weekend Workshop - April 25-27 - $300. Design, Build, and Document.
  • 4 Day Workshop (April 25-28) - $400. Design, Build, Document, and Distributive Enterprise.
  • 1 Day Distributive Enterprise Workshop (April 28) - $100. Distributive Enterprise.

Factor e Farm – Maysville MO, USA

This 3 or 4-day workshop – led by Marcin Jakubowski, founder of Open Source Ecology – shows how Extreme Manufacturing techniques are used to build a complete Compressed Earth Brick Press in a single day. Experiential training is reinforced by conceptual learning. The central activity of the workshop is the construction of a Brick Press, prepared in crash courses on key elements of design, fabrication, CAD, CAM, controllers and electronic design, multimedia documentation, and open enterprise models. This is intended to be both a survey and immersion training for those interested in a lifestyle of open source development. Extreme manufacturing concepts of parallel design and build are applied to achieve rapid manufacturing. The entire toolchain of OSE's open source development is emphasized, so that the participants become more than just builders - and gain the skills to become entrepreneurs and developers of future machine versions.

  • A weekender option exists for those interested in getting an introduction to the ideas of open development and sustainable design but do not have the time for the full, immersive experience:

Weekend Workshop: Begins Friday evening, April 18, and concludes Sunday evening, April 20. Five-Day Workshop: For a more immersive experience, join us for a full 5 days, concluding on April 23. Have questions? Drop us an email: chris at opensourceecology dot org LEARNING OUTCOMES


Fundamentals of passive solar design and natural ventilation Building envelope basics and importance of detailing Understanding of thermal mass and insulation in relation to performance Open source development philosophy Hand-sketching basics Construction

Understanding and applied safe use of basic construction tools CEB construction techniques Basic framing methods Installation of doors and windows Basics of electrical and plumbing work Parallel processing for rapid building Documentation

Sketchup basics Using Trovebox and Dozuki for instruction manual creation


CAD review and points forward

  • frame, drawer, hopper, etc - points going forward
  • redo hopper if time allows - but publish existing hopper - new hopper simplifies fabrication. Too stiff connection - can we loosen it?
  • cut sharp corners on hopper
  • fab sourcing - only error is the long piece- 1x3 for verticals
  • known issues, problem statements
  • hopper angle of repose