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Here is a link to show the educational portions of what we can do in reaching out to the community no matter the country. <>

Here is a link to another designer of CEB construction. By following the blog links you can gather the input these structures will have on our future <>

Addtional link for not only compressed earth block but straw bale construction <>

As you can see by the belkow link, CEB or sustainable does not mean a "MUD" hut as some would think in terms of the word "Compressed Earth Block" I would not mind living in one of these structures, would you? <>

How about looking at some video clips about these types of structures? Do you have the time? Well it is well worth your investment of a few minutes to look at these at least.

I hope you have an open mind to see what is being done with hydro-electric units, composting, geothermal and water deslination.

On this site is a myriad of video clips which you can use for your projects. <>

Compressed Earth Block video clips

Great links and ideas for CEB#2

Please review this very first one so you might see some great definitions about GREEN building rather than Sustainable Building, there is a difference in saying these words and it bears worth reading. Thanks dd

I feel this one website is most important Ben for you to review all of teh information given out go to each link at the left and follow the menue. This should answer some of your questions and give you ideas on designs and floor plans.

Dr. Marcin Jakubowski Machine he sent us the information about three months ago now look at what he has done. This is

Business expense in setting up and producing in Florida

Resources through ATTRA

Watch this short Discovery Channel presentation

Hydroponic lettuce

Children growing food

As you can see there are even children growing foods. Some of the clips show commercial applications and time lapsed photos. Very interesting.