CEBs in a Humid Climate

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  • This page aims to determine how CEBs will work in a Humid Climate
  • The definition of humid is relitively loose as of now
  • To cure properly, moist environment is helpful - so a wetter climate should be more suitable for producing stabilized CEBs than a dry climate.
  • As we expand into different classifications of climates (Areas with monsoons, rainforests etc) this data will be needed and/or gained by work there
  • User:Eric lives currently in Florida which is sort of a mix between areas with "4 seasons" and areas with "Wet/Dry Seasons"
  • Alvaro lives currently in Guadalajara

Existing Research

OSE Case Studies

Missouri FeF

  • In Missouri , unstabilized structures built in 2011 (the HabLab interior walls and the Workshop interior and exterior walls where they are protected from rain by overhangs) show zero erosion due to humidity

OSE Tests

  • Make bricks/a wall etc, leave in the enviroment of choice
  • Perhaps test material properties destructively over time

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