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How I Came Across OSE

I first came across open source ecology by the ted talk and my own research. I always have been interested in Various Mechanisms, DIY/Making, Gardening/Aquaponics, and modern self sufficiency. I kind of watched from a distance for a while getting to know the movement. I thought I might as well join and contribute some.

My main skills are photography + videography, photo + video editing, audio + music editing, and graphic design. I also love to tinker, but am probably less strong with my skills there than others (Although i would love to learn). The softwares I am familiar with are: Gimp, Krita, Blender, and Audacity, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud and Autodesk Software. I am in the process of learning Freecad, Basic Coding, and Sweet Home 3D as well. I am also a technology enthusiast; I am quite knowledgable in PC Building + Related Tech Standards, Live Audio Mixing, Photography, Videography, Audio Production, as well as VR/MR/AR. Granted I do not have degrees in these things (YET), but I have read up on them, and physically dealt with them quite a bit.

In terms of more "formal" qualifications:

    • Plenty of "Hands On" work as a Kid Volunteering / Going Camping with Scouts etc, short of Heavy Equipment Use
    • A Few Months of Volunteering at a Food Rescue place
    • A Few Months of Volunteering at a local Animal Shelter
    • A Few Months at Walmart doing Loading Dock (unloading the shipping container trucks), and Restocking work)
    • 1 Year of a Welding School Program at FSCJ
    • 1 year of an Electrician Pre-Apprenticeship Program
      • Learned a bunch from this as well
      • Currently Applying for Jobs Locally, and also working on getting the information i learned on-wiki

Currently Working On

The Templates I Use

  • Granted these are more so guidelines
  • Full OSE Product Page Template
    • Used originally early on in development, then is replaced with just the basic info/links and a link to the geneology page (also add in the dev template)
    • Also have a DIY vs Open Source Distinction?
    • Replace the non basic sections with an in page section for the dev template (the code thing used by marcin for the dev only pages) so the two are merged?
    • Was just thinking i kind of overuse bullets maybe? May be worth a look for me to see where not having them, and just having the text would look nice
  • Basic Placeholder Page Template
  • Construction Set Page Template may update this to a more condensed format, but the spacing can be useful for reading the long lists inherent in this, perhaps "*" with enter lines in between each?
    • Could use some improvement, perhaps do away with "Uses" and "allows for" and add a basic description section
    • Also perhaps add a seperate description/goal/philosophy page, and make the page a more simplistic geneology like page?

Contact Info

  • Gmail:

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