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Major Overhaul/Addition Time

  • ye be warned
  • Also mainly as a coherent response to my current mess; sorry if i am venting a bit, i will try to control this (and help me with feedback)
  • Also being vunerable now in all this (ie don't kill me)
  • Also dev work for a proper linkedin as of now-ish'
  • VERY informal (be SCARED, no ties here, only comfy working clothes and a blanket/sweatshirt)


TLDR for the TLDR

  • Odd mix of milenial OS An-Com Nut, and Navy Brat of a poly sci major
  • Moved all over as a kid (jacksonville florida->hawii->brussels, belguim (nato stuff) -> brunswick maine -> jacksonville florida (here now) )
  • Chaotic, like a professor who rants, but minus the qualifications/reputation, just the rants
    • Some like it (ie me) and can take 3hr tangents FOR FUN
    • Some want the 3 min pitch (and the DAMN HOMEWORK already...)
  • Kind of like a less stonery, more 10d chess-ery "Todd" from "Bojack Horseman" all ideas, all over, needs a place to be lol
  • Dumb Motto:
    • In F u l l y L i b r e O p e n S o u r c e - F u l l y A u t o m a t e d - L u x u r y - Q u e e r - A n a r c h o S p a c e C o m m u n i s m we trust
    • Move twards F u l l y L i b r e O p e n S o u r c e - F u l l y A u t o m a t e d - L u x u r y - Q u e e r - A n a r c h o S p a c e C o m m u n i s m we must
  • ie "moon or bust", but young, dumb, idealist, commie millenial


  • The literal personified right wing strawman (or GenDer NeutRal StRaw PeRsOn/Golem or humanoid bird spooker) SMFH
  • Perfect Storm (ie metaphor or katrina, depends on time and use case of me) of:
    • Mostly Type 1 ADHD
    • Perfectionistic OCD
    • ASD (more so aspie side, but w h o k n o w s (mental health ain't a precise field yet (can't wait for dna test use + eeg etc to kick off)
  • Thus GREAT at obsessive edit/optimization and high stim work (like netwroking ALL of the near-infinite internet (ie it is fun, not overwhelming) ) )
  • In-Recovery from personal hell
    • So need feedback on toxicity/nonsensability/rants etc to improve
  • Currently in shelter in place, in Parents home (ie millenial slob/ Taker according to fox news and the USA GOP etc ie i WOULD be on welfare and government funded SOCIALIST mental healthcare if not winning the Birth Lottery to middle class parents
    • I AM the "other" group / "them" they fear
  • I Overorganize , good for wiki, bad for talking irl
  • I also use a PILE of abbreviations
  • Overexplaining (or just shit self esteem) so i will end this section here
  • I also have lots of time to burn on boring repetative tasks and networking/pr

Rant Form

I first came across open source ecology by the ted talk and my own research. I always have been interested in Various Mechanisms, DIY/Making, Gardening/Aquaponics, and modern self sufficiency. I kind of watched from a distance for a while getting to know the movement. I thought I might as well join and contribute some.

My main skills are photograhy + videography, photo + video editing, audio + music editing, and graphic design. I also love to tinker, but am probably less strong with my skills there than others (Although i would love to learn). The softwares I am familiar with are: Gimp, Krita, Blender, OpenShot Video Editor, and Audacity, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud and Autodesk Software. I am in the process of learning Freecad, Basic Coding, Open Foam, and Sweet Home 3D as well. I am also a technology enthusiast; I am quite knowledgable in PC Building + Related Tech Standards, Live Audio Mixing, Photography, Videography, Audio Production, as well as VR/MR/AR. Granted I do not have degrees in these things (YET), but I have read up on them, and physically dealt with them quite a bit. With florida being under "Shelter in Place" (or something like that, kinda rushing quarentine re-opening IMO) i have plenty of time to burn

As of lately my contributions have mainly been generic research/fleshing pages out, cleaning up the wiki (organisation + fixing links etc), and various PR like contacting possible SME's, and social media networking / support (on the OSE discord, and a pile of stuff on the Precious Plastic Discord)

Common Profile Picture

  • As of 2020-ish
    • EricsZooTreePhoto1 a photo of a tree at jacksonville fl's zoo for the light show (holiday lights all over during winter break, lots of a e s t h e t i c , took like 250 or so photos (pre-edit/burst filtering)
    • To be snobby: Shot on Auto Mode, on an Iphone 7 (ios i know, TRAITOR, still waiting to buy a pixel), at night, with some lower artificial light, no glass other than a "lifeproof brand case (ie may be some dust/ plastic/glass scratches/distiortion hiding in there
    • Not SHOT in raw, but is uneditied in this form
    • Flexing photo "skill" and a perty photo imo
    • Also make picking me out easier on discord etc
    • May use it for a potential yt channel

Non-OSE Work

  • EDVT - getting this going, FLOS youtube channel (first BIG project should be local ametour video journalism, or something like "red means recording)
  • SOME local volunteering
    • Did a little at Waste Not Want Not
    • Most at a local animal shelter
    • Plotting all sorts of goofy machines for each (OS Palletizer etc)

The Templates I Use

  • Granted these are more so guidelines
  • Full OSE Product Page Template done originally as one page early on in development, then replaced with a link to the geneology, or is replaced with only a basic description and links etc as versions are made. Possible Improvements:
    • CAM section?
    • Get people who now what they are talking to fill out the industry standards page, rather than a 15 min search by me
    • Perhaps rename it as off the shelf products or something?
    • Also have a DIY/Open Source Distinction?
  • Basic Placeholder Page Template
  • Construction Set Page Template may update this to a more condensed format, but the spacing can be useful for reading the long lists inherent in this, perhaps "*" with enter lines in between each?
    • Could use some improvement, perhaps do away with "Uses" and "allows for" and add a basic description section
    • Also perhaps add a seperate description/goal/philosophy page, and make the page a more simplistic geneology like page?

Misc other things i tend to do (ie habits/how to understand my conlang of sorts)

  • Adding a "=User:Name's Rant=" section for personal tangents and first person writing that is still relevant to the original page (ie not the discussion page)
  • Use excessivly clunky yet also precise page names and abbreviations (FEEL FREE to help with these, i don't quite have the knack for this...yet)
  • Use wikipedia excessivly
  • Attempt to link all pages together (Ie no pages without categories/internal links to relevant pages and links from those pages to the aformentioned page)
  • Make a pile of redirects to prevent the issue of typos/other names leading to beleiving a topic hasn't been covered/loosing pages/duplicating subjects
  • Attempt to merge similar pages
  • Plotting devious plots for OSE's far future
  • using lots of parenthesis (such as this (although somethimes this can get cunfusing and i should use brackets perhaps?) )

Skillset/Usual Work

As of ~2020

  • Wiki Maitnence / Optimization / Organization
  • Networking/PR/QA
  • Potential IRL makerspace / os work at local:
    • Elementary, Middle, High Schools, and community colledges + UNF / UF (ESPECIALLY if helped by "bigger fish" to be noticed
  • Can do photography, SOME basic videoagraphy (need to learn artsy flicks + get a more "real" camera for hands on experience (ie i have a phone and a 2000's mirrorless, not a red 8k...)
    • Can also edit both decently (crop, arrange, color grade (decently), volume balancing, NLVE stuff using Blender, also gimp is no photoshop unlike blender...yet) )
    • I have an old photoshop certification from HS, but they are like the anti-os boogyman imo lol
  • May get into local journalism
  • HAS DONE anti-soapbox activism at UNF against a local (borderline? ie VERY close but not death cult ie wbc type stuff) cult to make walkways safe, and comfortable for all people
    • Ie:
      • Jewish Peopl
      • Islam People
      • Hindu / non abrahamic ppl
      • Queer (ie less sexology lang LGBT+) people
      • Disabled People
      • Group x that can be yelled slurs at, yet is "free speach" protected
    • Was called BAQW or Basic Aliance for Quiet Walkways (ie no sign wavin, slur yellin, nonsense spewin preachers ruining walk to class/causing long detours to avoid them/not ruining the park (ie the "green" ) ), and traffic due to media buzz
    • Esentially doing what police/uni officials SHOULD have done, but were too beurocratically red taped back and/or weak and/or supportive of their views to do
    • Made email+groupme, organized people (mainly lgbt+ people to piss em off by having a "queer picnic" on the green each day they came (ie MUCH BIGGER counterprotests) ), did satire (got a bigger sign and parodied him to show how bs his ideas are (for ex "as GOD says, and i quote, "HATE THY NEIGHBOR" , and be "an asshole yelling slurs at innocent minorities on the green" soapbox 1:15" etc in dramatic shakespeare esque drama (+ talking about how 25/32 sings cost ~40 USD and to spend this on some crazy sing rather than food for the poor etc) )
    • Did general rukus causin, was a good time, and turned pain and hate into a party, picnic, roast, and unf inside joke
    • Sucess or future political career killer (due to videos of my goofyness) WHO KNOWS, i just had fun and helped friends i guess

Contact Info

  • Gmail:

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