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Combined Heat and Power System.

Now extend that to Cooling, and Biochar:

CCHPB - see

OSE Integration

  • Optimal system would be a community Enterprise which generates clear exchangeable value. Part of conservatory space + combined heat power with hydronics, saturated water for night power, solar excess stored as heat both thermal and PV, Hillbilly heater, integrated with hydronics. Potential cooling with cold water in summer, but moisture issues must be resolved. Pellet stove, hydronic, with steam engine for CHP. Include biochar production, and distillation of wood to oils and fuels in the transition to water/steam engine/hydrogen. Water at high temps may be too dangerous/complicated, se engines running on hydrogen or non-extreme steam engines may be use. However, flash steam should be inherently safe, and saturated water is quite safe as it is not under extreme pressure.