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  • X Axis Travel = under 225mm
  • Y Axis Travel = under 225mm
  • Z Axis Travel = under 120mm
  • Step Motor Resolution = 1.8 degrees per step
  • Accuracy = +/- 5%
  • Step Motor Torque = XXkg-cm at 12VDC
  • Spindle Speed = 1050Kv
  • Repeatability Goal: +/- 0.01mm
  • Nominal Milling Speed (Copper on FR-4):


  • Major Frame Type: Mobile Gantry
  • Minor Frame Type: Blocks on Plate, Double Drive X Axis
  • Axis Drive: Step Motor
  • Rotary-to-Linear: Ultra-smooth Threaded Rod and Wear-compensating Nut
  • Anti-Friction: Bronze Sleeve Bearings
  • Axis Supports: Precision Stainless Steel Shafts with Holding Collars
  • Working Platform: Magnets and Reference Holes on Platform
  • Spindle Drive: Brushless DC Outrunner Motor
  • Spindle Shaft: Precision Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Kinetic Transfer: Shaft Couplings
  • Control Electronics: Computer, Microcontroller, Stepper Driver
  • Control Software: Gctrl (Gcode Streamer), GRBL (Gcode Interpreter)