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Basic Concept

Simply put, the CNC Circuit Mill cuts materials.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which means that you can program a computer with numbers to control the CNC Circuit Mill for you. This way, the cutting process is automated!

The CNC Circuit Mill rotates a milling bit with a small diameter to make very small holes and cuts into the material.

The CNC Circuit Mill is not a cut-all machine. CNC Circuit Mill technology is designed to make precise cuts into layers of conductive material in order to form the initial structure of an electronic circuit. Typically, the material is thin and rectangular.

The conductive material being cut typically has a supporting layer of non-conductive material adhered to the bottom such that the overall material is still rigid after the milling process.


Rotate the milling bit at variable speeds.

Move in 3-dimensional space.

Hold the material to be milled.

Interpret computer-aided manufacturing files (to automate the milling process via CNC).

Conceptual Specifications

Precision requires rigidity.

Precision requires high resolution (a great amount of control over movements).

More Information