CNC Cut Power Cube

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  • Frame is perforated CNC Cut for bending without a press
  • 2 versions - frame integrated hydraulic tank, and separate hydraulic tank module
  • Radicalize power cube modularity
  • Perfect and stabilize pump mounting
  • Stabilize pump sourcing
  • Stabilize coupler sourcing
  • Stabilize engine sourcing
  • Modularize the engine
  • Make engine remote start
  • Make engine radio control start
  • Separate the cooler from the system.
  • Make a stackable cooler module, flat briefcase profile with handle
  • Do not mount fan directly to cooler
  • Cooler module with hydraulic + outdoor Cat5 couplers. 10A fan.
  • Open Source CAT5 waterproof boot
  • Shielded cat 5 (for strength, not RF)
  • CNC Cut is self-aligning cube squareness, thereby allowing for 300% improvement in frame production time efficiency