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Hi Catarina,

I have plans for a few designs: Aptek Chair, Aptek Bar Table, Kuka Chair, Valovi Chair. Images for all are attached. I'm finding that the average amount of plywood used to create a stable, solid chair design seems to be a half sheet, which works out perfectly with the CNC router you have.

I'm trying to source some 3/8" or 9mm plywood sheets so I can do more 1/2 scale test cuts of these designs on my CNC router. I've done one but I had to glue up my own plywood sheets and that proved to be too time consuming.

Today I am working on a book shelf design which will use a modular connector/riser configuration that can be attached to boards of varying length. The shelves can be as simple as ripped plywood sheets, or even solid wood boards, similar to the Ronen Kaduhshin Italic Shelf. The same riser should be usable for the smaller bookshelf for the library/meeting room.

I've attached a chart showing some options for the conference table. I'm sure we can figure out a collapsable/folding design once we know what the final size of the table will be, and where the folded table will be stored. Perhaps a design is in order where a smaller table expands to full conference table size. That way the table will get use even when folded down.

If you can get me dimensions for the window seat I will start working on a design for that too.

Have a look at my pinterest board collection of CNC project ideas - lots of great designs there that we can draw on for inspiration:

Looking forward to meeting you all on Monday!


Hi Phillip,

Thanks for all the info and lovely designs!

Chairs: I love the valovi design! It's also simpler and lighter and, therefore, better for our space.

Table: Yes, sorry I didn't explain it better. We do need a smaller table that expands to full size when needed. We'll always need a table, but it won't always need to be full size. Ideally, storage would be on the table itself as we don't really have much storage room. Perhaps when the table can convert to half its size. When its closed (in the smaller version) the second half of the tabletop just sits on top of the first half (so it's double up)?

Let's go with a 10 person table: 48 x 120

I'll ask Marcin about the dimensions of the window.



This is what I was imagining for the expandable table:

Though I understand that it would be very hard to smoothly slide plywood tabletops... But perhaps it doesn't need to slide, just fold over itself. I think that's how this one works: