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  • This isn't something that will be used for most products due to the versatility of 3D Printing and the lack of need for hoarding molds with that
  • HOWEVER for commonly used parts that there will be many of such as Zip Ties, or other commonly used parts needed in the hundreds in workshops etc, it may be useful to do small scale injection molds
  • It is also a more simple process for use with recycled materials (Can go directly from shredded plastic flakes to product, thus no filiment maker needed, thus less energy use, and less thermal cycles)
  • yet again shouldn't be used for EVERYTHING, but definetly has it's use
  • Once a CNC Mill and/or CNC Multimachine are aquired, it is as simple as designing the mold, inserting a blank into the device, and then assembling the mold parts, attaching them to a Precious Plastic Manual Plastic Injection Molding Machine and removing the part
  • For Smaller Parts Many Can be made in One Mold (Such as zipties or model building bricks)
  • Sanblasting, Sanding with a Rotary Tool, or More Surface Runs, may be needed to acheive the required surface finish

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable product

  • Modular
  • Easily Reusable
  • VERY good surface finish
  • Usable with the precious plastic ecosystem, as well as various adapter plates for other machines if needed
  • Able to be cloned with Greensand Casting to produce more without a cnc mill
  • Will not have auto eject incorperated into the design, but perhaps make a version on a seperate page with this if the need arises
  • The adapter and workflow of the Precious Plastic Method, with the Modularity of the Industrial Methods
  • Most Mold Plates Should be 10cm*10cm*1-2.5Cm or 25cm*25cm*5cm

Basic Design

"Core" Mold

Mold Assembly

Mold Top Plate + Injection Machine Adapter

  • Provides a seal, as well as adapts the mold to any injection machine, Precious Plastic should be the first/main design

Base Plate

  • Either integrated into the lower core mold, or for larger molds, adds a base



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