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Part Library

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  • Use a 16" circular saw with 2" universal axis. Advantage: turnkey saw. Dis: small cuts only up to 4 or 6", slow (power only 3 hp)
  • Use long space frame axis for stability, mount on trailer or SMV
  • Use mobile stiff frame on wheels

Industry Standards

  • China wares - [1]
  • Lucas Sawmill - [2] - setup time with wires for stability is a disadvantage. Solid space frame for moving the OSE mill into the field would help. Peterson [3] setup time is no better. But, it can be set up in the field on rough terrain.


  • Portable or stationary
  • Rough terrain or not
  • CNC or manual
  • Easy to set up (solid frames) vs not (multi-piece frames with need to align)
  • Hand portable vs heavy, requiring other machines to move it
  • Production (32 hp - 100 hp) vs hobby (7 hp - 27 hp)