CNC Torch-Router Table 2 - Controller module - Bill of Materials

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McMaster Carr=

  1. [2]
  2. [1] Output shaft from gear reduction on stepper -
  3. [1] Belt for CNC Table Gear Reduction -
  4. [2] Belts for Micro Power Cube -



  1. [1] Roll of 1000' of shielded Cat 5 Cable -looks like it is quite a bit cheaper to make our own cables, otherwise see the bottom of this list for the cheapest preterminated that meet our needs: -
  2. [1] Pack of 50 shielded Cat 5 ends -
  3. 24v 10 regulated psu: (I think I was wrong about the 2.5A being per phase, it looks like total for the motor) - ($35)
  4. [2] power cables -, 2x.
  5. [1] pack of 20 limit switches -


  1. [17] jacks for the rj 45 cables These will have the wires from the steppers etc. soldered to them, 17 total.
  2. [6] terminal headers we need 2 per header on the board, so 6 total.
  3. [1] Arduino. I don't know where from, wherever the ones for the CEB press are from would be a good bet. Otherwise digikey has them

Not Used

  • z axis specific:-ultrasonic sensor- I haven't been able to find a suitable one at a reasonably price yet. There were many datasheets to be found for suitable ones when I first looked, and many very similar ones at 90 bucks and upwards, so I assumed you could probably get one at an ok price. But for all the shorter range ones with resolution 0.5 or less they seem to want $350 or more. For the longer term I think we will want to make our own sensor, as they are not that complicated. These industrial automation units intended for industrial use on assembly lines etc. are are grossly overpriced. The cheaper units for $15 on ebay don't have the resolution we need, whether they could be modified to I don't know, making our own may be easier.
  • -5v, 3A psu: we already have several by the printers.
  • Acme for ironworker - 3x (one spare)
  1. 1x . Using 1" threaded rod instead of acme.
  1. [10] Limit switches: 8 for the axis, and 2 more for manual z axis control , so 10x. Not gotten because MOQ = 100