CNC Torch-Router Table 2 - Controller module - Requirements

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Requirements: -typical things for all ose projects; open source, cost to performance ratio focused. Fits in with the other tools, uses similar and the same parts where practical. -provisions for later changes for use in the role of CNC milling and/or routing machine, to the extent practical -provisions to accept input from z height (above the plate being cut) sensing to implement z axis control in-box rather than relying on an independent z control module. Needed for 3 axis milling anyway. -can control the 4 stepper motors - 2 for x, one for y , one for z. -provisions for resistance to rf from the plasma torch. The bbb has no isolation such as optocouplers, apparently -inputs for safety interlocks -takes G code. -for now the torch head is manually controlled. Most likely it will be Wanted (less important):

Suggested implementation for this prototype: Use the same controller board and module as the laseraur, the beaglebone black control computer, and the associated interconnect module and the same stepper motor power control boards. -uses at 5 cable for connection to the steppers ( we can get shielded cat 5 cable later when using a plasma torch this may be nice) -