CNC Torch Table Workshop

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Theme: CNC Torch Table Design Build Workshop

An experimental workshop.

Expectations: This workshop is experimental. We have significant experience with the topics covered, but things can go slower than expected. We have the complete CAD of the machine. We have good familiarity with Cura, which is our 3D printer software - which we will use to send g-code to the controller to run the CNC torch table. We have tested the larger TB6600 controllers. We have developed and tested the height controller. We have build a different version of the CNC torch table already back in 2011 for a production run of 4 tractors. While we have done extensive design work, this workshop is a build. Expect to problem solve - and learn a lot in the process. This is an immersion learning experience in design and build. The first day covers use of FreeCAD, and explanation of the design rationale for the CNC torch including all its components, and why we made the choices that we did. We will cover our roadmap for the Universal Axis. We will also teach you basics of FreeCAD, and an introduction to KiCAD. We will have 2-4 3D printers printing during the workshop to produce additional parts (cable chain, other parts.

pix- CNC torch infographic


Day 1: 8 AM - Intro to OSE and CNC Torch Table 9 AM - FreeCAD, KiCAD basics. Download the OSE Linux with all the OSE software to view the files in FreeCAD and KiCAD. 10 AM - 10:45 AM - practicing FreeCAD. Manipulating the CAD. Navigating in tree view. Redesigning components from sketches. Generating technical drawings. Printing out sample drilling patterns for steel plates. Generating a complete part list from FreeCAD. 11-Noon - Extracting CNC cutting files from FreeCAD. G code generation. Cura controller. Wiring diagrams for the controller in Fritzing. Lunch 1 PM - build beginning. Drilling, 3D printing. Biulding the XY Axes. Buildig the Z axis. Wiring of the controller. Building the torch height control system. Building the gas control system. 6 PM - dinner 7-8 PM - Universal Axis Roadmap to heavy duty precision machining. OSE Developers. OSE revenue model. Q&A + discussion session.

Day 2: 8 AM - Morning check-in. How capacitive sensors work. How ultrasound sensors work. 9 AM - Build continuation. 12-1 Lunch 1-6 Afternoon build session. 6-7 Dinner. 7-8 PM - Closing Discussion.


CNC Torch Table Publicity Plan.