CNC Torch Table v21.08 Software

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Change Log

File:Marlin CNC

Changes to Marlin:

Line 138 #define CUSTOM_MACHINE_NAME "CNC Torch v21.10"

Travel Limits after Homing (in mm):

Line 715 #define Y_MAX_POS 1125
Line 716 #define X_MAX_POS 760
Line 717 #define Z_MAX_POS 200

Automatic Bed Leveling Positions:

Line 803 #define LEFT_PROBE_BED_POSITION 100 // see D3D_Universal on the wiki
Line 804 #define RIGHT_PROBE_BED_POSITION 500 //
Line 805 #define FRONT_PROBE_BED_POSITION 100 //
Line 806 #define BACK_PROBE_BED_POSITION 500

Cutting Logic

1. Home and bed level
2. Move up to top of Z, set good feedrate
3. With z moving up, light torch manually
3.5 Wait 10 secs to adjust flame
4. Set good feedrate, start cut
5. Pause 10 seconds at any pierce point
6. Pierce and continue cutting until first exit point.
7. Turn off cut gas at exit point
Continue as needed to cut everything. We could probably cut 8 blades at one time. Start with one. Move to 4. Move to 8 on 2 pieces of stock.

Test File