CNC Torch and Router Table 2 - Working Tool Holder - Requirements

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  • Tool holder will need to be adaptable to hold oxy/acetylene torch, Plasma cutter, and router (+ others as needed)
  • Base of the wood router is significantly larger footprint than that of the torch or plasma head, this will need to be accounted for.
  • Suggesting an adaptable design with configurable base plate that can be matched to whatever router you want to use, and mounts to the vertical shaft.
  • Adaptable to wider gantry plate if tooling requires it to be thicker for rigidity.
  • Accommodate mounting of height sensor.
  • For CNC routing
    • Base plate will need to divert the air blowing out of the router (so it doesn’t blow dust everywhere).
    • Allow for wrench access to the collet.
    • Attachment point for a vacuum hose.
    • Removable brush shroud.