COVID Testing and Cases Are Highly Correlated

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Want more COVID cases? Do more tests.

Number of tests and number of cases is highly correlated.

Singapore has a 0.2% death rate. [1]. The conclusion appears that early detection and testing make coronavirus only 2x as dangerous as influenza

Conclusion of death rate variation seems to be that we don't know total infected cases when we don't test. So the high death rates could simply mean that we are not testing many cases that exist, but have mild symptoms. [2]

New testing rate [3] seems to equal new case rate - Covid041720.jpg

Consensus appears to be - about 20M tests per day need to be conducted. [4]

This gets into availability of primers, master mixes, thermocyclers with capacity of quantitative measurement via fluorescence [5].

There are molecular tests, and antibody (immunoglobulin) tests. [6]. Difference between molecular and PCR tests - [7]

Also Crispr tests - [8]