COVID Treatment

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HintLightbulb.png Hint: These are notes taken by a non-expert in the field (MJ), and thus may not reflect industry-standard consensus or accurate knowledge on the topics involved.

What does COVID treatment require?


  • Wells evaporation-falling curve - 100 micron droplets dry out and nuclei fall to the ground within a few seconds, with max at 160 microns after which they do not dry but fall to the ground more quickly due to heavier weight. - [1]. Summary - if airflows exist (even convection from higher body temperature) - contamination may occur to other patients, and even large distances if air movement is present (wind, doors opening, etc).

Mechanism of Infection

  • Here is one point of view - [2]

Mechanisms for Cure

  • Existing drugs - advantage - testing any of many drugs that are already approved by the FDA as safe. See more about this approach at [3]. Can work by many mechanisms, including inhibition, see below.
  • Competitive inhibition - drug that binds to virus or host site, preventing the disease activity from happening -

Virus Source Code

  • Crystal structure - [4]
  • Genetic sequence - read about it - [5]. While we may know the sequence, we also need to know how the protein folds.