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Thu Jul 30, 2020

Video Interview

  • Also added a link to the resume in the application answers below: doing it to get practice with the Mediawiki formatting.

Tue Jul 28, 2020

OSE Volunteer Application Form Required Full Name: Calvin Martin Stevens

Location (City, Country): Shepherd, MI, USA

to resume: Resume, google docs. Recently updated for the school I work in; it’s long and wordy for a traditional resume but they wanted me to show all the relevant skills I’ve used, which is fitting here as well.

Website: None

Position Applying for: OSE Developers, Curriculum Developers

How many hours per week can you volunteer? 10 hours per week.

Current Occupation/Position: Technology skills teacher.

Dream Job in 15 years? Travelling and planting maker spaces and programs in every county that are both apart from and partnered with the local schools and industry. Every county in the country needs a large full service maker space, should be a national movement. If I work out of a primary established space and go around supporting several others, like a circuit judge, or missionary, or johnny appleseed for maker spaces.

If you won the lottery, what would you spend your time doing? Probably the same job I’m doing now but I’d like to free us from our current location. Leasing a school building isn’t much different than a mortgaged home in a way: it always hangs over your head. If I could sink lottery winnings into an endowment for my skills program and create little skill lab spaces in every county, and to be able to give tools to students for them to keep after high school and use to start their future, that would be cool.

Favorite activity / hobby outside work: Reading and studying, and a mix of traditional arts and crafts.

Who are you? Teacher, husband, dreamer, learner; every group I’ve ever been a part of from my first job in fast food (or earlier in Boy Scouts) I’ve wanted to improve things for the better. In restaurants that meant safer, faster, tastier, cheaper. The goals always reflect the aims of the group I’m working with but always there is a strong commitment to improvement and documentation (staggering how many successful decades old businesses have nothing written down about product or process.) Long time dreamer of better worlds, more sustainable, less waste, less pointlessness to employed work. Always enjoyed art and making things. Always as willing to teach someone else as I am eager to learn something new. And almost everything is fascinating and worth learning about.

In your own words, what is Open Source Ecology? OSE is making the world better by enabling YOU to make the world better. They do this not only by providing tools and plans to make the buildings, vehicles, and tools you need but also by educating a very different way of working together and identifying and solving problems in a short time frame. I think the word “better” is less subjective as well; it’s clearly guided towards the betterment of all living creatures on earth. You can’t use OSE’s methods to build a better mousetrap and put competitors out of business when your better trap was collaboratively developed and the process, plans, and products are made public. This ensures a kind of self-reinforcing integrity to the ideals and values of OSE and partners.

Are you willing to work as a team player, and to document your work publicly on an ongoing basis via a work log on our wiki? Yes

How did you find out about this position? Just by watching the OSE videos and exploring the wiki. Originally found OSE when looking for information about how to build a tractor, kit tractors, etc.